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Koestler Prime Commercial Window Tint

The Koestler Prime job was unexpected since the windows had already had tint on it by another local company (in Ridgeland) who had tinted the last restaurant that was located in the Renaissance. The Koestler’s owned another restaurant with a different name and I had tinted it but now they had this new spot and all the tint had holes, scratches, and was not performing, so please do not think ALL tint is the same. Quality film is not easily scratched and if the company truly wants to help the clients concerns they put up the film that answers the customers concerns and this didn’t happen here. The decorator CASEY SYKES hired us to tint the west side because everyone was miserably hot. (The first tint had no heat rejection at all) and once the owners saw the difference they asked us quite nicely if we could redo the front before the Grand Opening and of coarse we did.

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